The Nine: Alder House
The Nine: Alder House
The Nine: Alder House

The Nine: Alder House

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"Kes Trester is my new automatic download."

 —Christina Boyd, The Quill Collective

Eighteen-year-old clairvoyant Blake Wilder stumbles across the body of a beautiful young woman outside The Lower 8, a nightclub exclusively for those with paranormal abilities. All evidence points to club owner Jessie McCabe as the killer, but Blake’s desire to discover the truth about the man who has gotten under her skin is complicated by the arrival of her younger sister, Jordan, a girl devastated to learn the hard way that paranormal abilities run in families.

Adding to Blake’s growing worries is the absence of boyfriend Nicholas Thorne, who returned to Alder House―the ancestral home of the ancient society just outside of London―only to vanish from her life without a trace. An urgent phone call from Nicholas’s ex lures Blake away from Jessie and Jordan―and straight into the crosshairs of some of the most treacherous and powerful Nines at Alder House.

In a story packed with romance, intrigue, and magic, Blake will be forced to fight for the truth, her life, and the future of all those she loves.

ALDER HOUSE is the second book in a thrilling series set in the contemporary but dangerous world of The Nine by Kes Trester.

This title releases September 26, 2023.

 Paperback, 268 pages

CATEGORY: Young Adult | Contemporary | Fantasy | Paranormal | Romance | Mystery

AGE: Young Adult, 14+


Print: 978-1-958109-32-8 | Ebook: 978-1-958109-33-5