The Nine: Origins
The Nine: Origins
The Nine: Origins

The Nine: Origins

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"Gripping paranormal series starter whose heroine boldly flips the script." —BookLife

Eighteen-year-old Blake Wilder usually hides her ability to see pivotal moments in other people’s pasts and futures, but when a premonition compels her to save a classmate’s life, she’s drawn into a centuries-old paranormal society on the brink of civil war.

As she struggles to find her way within a world of political intrigue and shifting alliances, her path is complicated by a budding romance with Nicholas, the chancellor’s son, and her attraction to Jessie, a man who makes up the rules as he goes. However, Blake will soon learn the truism that all is fair in love and war, especially when power is at stake.

When she witnesses a series of bizarre murders that have not yet occurred, it’s not long before the killer learns of her visions. Blake must decide whether to trust her head or her heart in a race to unmask the murderer before she is the next to die.


Paperback, 288 pages

CATEGORY: Young Adult | Contemporary | Fantasy | Paranormal | Romance | Mystery

AGE: Young Adult, 14+


Print: 978-1-958109-06-9 | Ebook: 978-1-958109-07-6